Cop, Trial, and Mystery Shows
TitleOriginDurationGenreRatingSeenDescriptionMy Impression
21 Jump StreetUS 1987-1991102 × 60mYouth Cop Character?1%Young undercover cops fight youth crime.Interesting. Has Johnny Depp.
24US 2001-2010195 × 60mAgent / Character?1%Fight terrorism, 1 season per day.More action than investigation. Meh.
The A TeamUS 1983-198797 × 60mPI / Comedy★★5%Warbuddies solve crimes, pull hijinks.Stupid, macho fun. Action, not mystery.
Alaska State TroupersUS 2009-Present59+ × 60mState Cop Documentary?0%Cameras follow state cops on patrol.Pretty straight-forward concept.
AngelUS 1999-2004111 × 60mPI / Supernatural★★★★95%Vampire with a soul fights demons.Straight-faced absurdity, light mystery.
Arrest & TrialUS 2000-2002170 × 30mTrue Crime Procedural?0%Mix of reenactment and actual footage.Produced by Dick Wolf of Law & Order.
Ashes to AshesUK 2008-201024 × 60mCops / Time Travel?0%Sequel to Life On Mars (UK)The UK has TV show sequels? Weird.
BanacekUS 1972-197417 × 60mDT / ??0%Proud Polish-American detective.Didn't last.
Barnaby JonesUS 1973-1980178 × 60mPI / Character?0%Milk-drinking, geriatric PI.I remember Mad About You jokes...
The BillUK 1984-20102,404 × 30mCops / Procedural?0%Follows a single police shift.Seriously, 2,400 episodes!? That's crazy.
Blue BloodsUS 2010-Present80+ × 60mCops / Character?0%A New York cop family, brass to beat.Seems cool, interesting perspective.
Body of ProofUS 2011-201342 × 60mME / Procedural★★★85%Former surgeon rebuilds life as ME.Light touch on heavy drama, gets silly.
Border WarsUS 2011-Present57+ × 60mCustoms / Reality?0%NatGeo documents US/Mex border patrol.Looks interesting, I should check it out.
BonesUS 2005-Present177+ × 60mForensic / Procedural★★★★95%Forensic Anthropologist/FBI team up.Gross-out gore, smart, a bit superficial.
BroadchurchUK 2013-Present8+ × 60mDT / Drama?0%Tiny town shattered by murder/media.Sounds excellent.
CastleUS 2009-Present115+ × 60mConsult / Procedural★★★95%Mystery writer consults with NYPD.Perfect drama, intentionally silly dialogue.
The Chinese DetectiveUK 1981-198214 × 60mDT / Cultural?0%Nerdy Chinese-Briton solves crimes.Supposed to be about racism, too.
CHiPsUS 1977-1983139 × 60mStreet Cop / Comedy?0%Bike copsRadically famous, looks uninteresting.
C.I.D.IN 1998-Present795 × 60mDT / Procedural?0%Cops in India.Sounds interesting.
City ConfidentialUS 1998-2007136 × 60mDocumentary★★★★★35%How cities' culture & worst murder collide.The best true crime show. Low budget.
City HomicideAU 2007-201184+ × 60mDT / ???0%Australian detective show.Coo.
The CloserUS 2005-2012109 × 60mBrass / Procedural★★★★35%Georgia Peach leads LA precinct.Deep writing, drama, characters. See it!
Cold Case FilesUS 1999-2007102 × 60mDocumentary★★★★10%Cops re-examine old cases.So good it spawned a dramatic spinoff.
Cold CaseUS 2003-2010156 × 60mDT / Procedural★★★10%Only female detective follows cold trails.Dramatization of above, dang good.
ColumboUS 1971-200368 × 90mDT / Procedural★★★25%Quirky detective outsmarts everyone.Best detective character ever. Aged badly.
The CommishUS 1991-199592 × 60mBrass / Character★★10%Small town police commissioner's life.Quirky, nice comedy/drama mix.
ConvictionUS 200613 × 60mDA / Character★★★100%The lives of the DA's Office.DA's office politics in Dick Wolf's world.
Cop ShowUS 1990s??Cops / Musical1%If Law & Order was a musical.Terrible idea. Worst thing Wolf ever did.
CopsUS 1989-Present915+ × 30mCops / Reality★★1%Film crews follow real patrols.Hit and miss, generally intriguing.
Cover MeUS 2001-200225 × 60mUndercover Family★★100%Whole family goes undercover for FBI dad.Great concept, characters. Drags a little.
Cowboy BebopJP 1998-199927 × 30mPI / Anime / Sci Fi★★★25%Bounty hunters IN SPACE!The anime for people who hate anime.
Crime PatrolIN 2003-Present703+ × 30mTrue Crime Reenact.?0%True crimes for public awareness.Cops meets Cold Case Files in India?
Crime Scene InvestigationUS 2000-Present306+ × 60mForensic / Procedural★★5%Cutting-edge contemporary forensics.Dark drama, overrated characters.
CSI: MiamiUS 2002-2012232 × 60mForensic / Procedural★★10%Flashier spinoff of CSIBetter characters, sexier crimes than CSI.
CSI: NYUS 2004-2013197 × 60mForensic / Procedural★★10%CSI for the Dick Wolf fan.I prefer Dick Wolf's actual stuff.
Crossing JordanUS 2001-2007117 × 60mME / ??0%Sexy, brilliant ME goes above and beyond.A less silly Body of Proof?
Da Vinci's InquestCA 1998-200591 × 60mME / Procedural★★★40%Toronto ME fights politics to solve crime.Really unique humor and pacing. I like it!
Dark BlueUS 2009-201020 × 60mUC / Character?0%Deep undercover work screws with Shaw.Looks pretty interesting.
The Dead ZoneUS 2002-200781 × 60mConsult / Procedural★★★50%A coma grants psychic powers.Pretty plausible contemporary fantasy.
DeadlineUS 2000-200113 × 60mPress / Procedural?0%Investigative reporting procedural.From the makers of Law & Order
Death in ParadiseUK 2011-Present16+ × 60mDT / Dramedy?0%Brit solves crimes in CaribbeanHe hates paradise; that's funny.
DeathnoteJP 2006-200737 × 30mMystery / Anime★★★60%Any name Kira writes kills someone.Brilliant concept, gradually goes crazy.
Detroit 1-8-7US 2010-201118 × 60mDT / Character?0%Everyday life of Detroit homicide DTs.K.
Diagnosis: MurderUS 1993-2001180 × 60mConsult / Family★★★40%Doctor (Van Dyke) and friends consult.Matlock-style family-friendly mysteries.
The DistrictUS 2000-200489 × 60mBrass / Procedural★★★★60%New Chief reverses DC's crime wave.Glimpse of the politics/logistics of LE.
DragnetUS 1951-1959276 × 30mDT / Procedural★★★★10%The first cop show.The term "classic" personified.
Dragnet 1967US 1967-197098 × 30mDT / Procedural★★★★50%Down-the-line standard cop show.The 50s show, but in color.
Dragnet: LAUS 2003-200422 × 60mDT / Procedural★★★★★100%Dark, gritty fatigue with a badge.Could not possibly be better!
Due SouthCA 1994-199767 × 60mRCMP DT Characters?0%Canadian Mounty teams with Chicago cop.Sounds like empty drama. Mounties rule!
ElementaryUS 2012-Present36+ × 60mPI / Character?5%Holmes and Watson in modern New York.Seems pretty good.
Ellery QueenUS 1975-197623 × 60mPI / Era Procedural?0%Detective's son solves mysteries.Sums up all the facts before the reveal.
The EqualizerUS 1985-198988 × 60mspy-to-PI / Vigilante??0%Intelligence agent helps "equalize the odds."Interesting gimmick.
EurekaUS 2006-201278 × 60mContemporary Sci Fi30%Sheriff of a town of geniuses.Boo! Is this even a cop show?
Exhibit ACA 1997-200165 × 60mTrue Crime Forensic?0%Canadian forensic documentary case study.Sounds pretty cool.
EZ StreetsUS 1996-19979 × 60mDT / Drama?0%Disgraced cop takes on major mobster.Sound like all drama, no procedure.
Fairly LegalUS 2011-201223 × 60mLegal / Procedural★★★★85%Mediator avoids lawyers/courts.Fun, intelligent writing, unique concept.
FedsUS 19977 × 60mAgent / Procedural?0%Law & Order treatment of federal agents.Dick Wolf, but this was cancelled fast.
The First 48US 2004-Present249+ × 60mCop / True Crime★★★12%The first hours after a homicide.Interesting twist on the classic genre.
FlashpointCA 2008-Present61 × 60mTactical / Procedural?0%Rescue hostages, gangs, defuse bombs.Sounds pretty good.
FringeUS 2008-2013100 × 60mFBI / Supernatural★★10%Mad scientist consults with FBI.It's no X-Files. I'm not a fan.
The FugitiveUS 1963-1967120 × 60mFugitive Mystery?0%Fugitive doctor seeks wife's murderer.Loved the movie. The show sounds good.
Hamish MacbethUK 1995-199720 × 60m???0%Detective in Scotland.K.
Hawaii Five-OUS 1968-1980281 × 60mState Cop Procedural?0%Stylish, sexy cop show.Book 'em, Danno! Seems all flash.
HeartbeatUK 1992-2009372 × 60mRural Cop Procedural?0%London cop moves to countryside.British shows never last this long!
Hetty   Wainthropp   InvestigatesUK 1996-199827 × 60mPI / Character?0%A British housewife takes the case.Sounds like a good, family friendly show.
Hill Street BluesUS 1981-1987144 × 60mPrecinct / Characters?0%Original ensemble drama, inner city cops.Highly recommended, but I donno.
House M.D.US 2004-2012177 × 60mMedical Procedural★★★★95%Brilliant jerk solves medical mysteries.Great show! Dr. Holmes + philosophy.
In Plain SightUS 2008-201261 × 60mWitness Protection★★★★★100%Tough-as-nails Marshall Mary Shannon.Great concept, writing, characters, show!
In The Heat of the NightUS 1988-1995146 × 60mCops & Racism?1%LE and racism in a small southern town.Seems generally good, if dated.
Inspector GadgetUS 1983-198586 × 30mAgent / Kids★★★85%Daughter covers for dumb bionic agent.Silly, kiddy fun and spy stereotypes.
Inspector George GentlyUK 2007-Present11 × 60mDT / ??0%British inspector and his cases.I don't know anything about it.
Inspector MorseUK 1987-200033 × 90mDT / ??0%Grouchy, cultured, Quaker detective.K.
IronsideUS 1967-1975196 × 60mConsult / Procedural?0%Wheelchair-bound former chief consults.Raymond Burr, so it's gotta be good.
JAGUS 1995-2005227 × 60mNavy Lawyers?1%Investigate crimes by navy personnel.NCIS was a spinoff of JAG.
John Adams: Join or DieUS 20081 × 90mColonial Trial★★★★100%Criminal trial in revolutionary Boston.Great legal drama, history, acting.
JustifiedUS 2010-Present59+ × 60mAgent / Character?0%1800s lawman in modern Kentucky.Previews look too grim for my taste.
KojakUS 1973-1978118 × 60mDT / Procedural?1%Dt. Kojak stays positive in dark times.Seems interesting, slow-paced.
KojakUS 200510 × 60mDT / Character10%Dt. Kojak fights for his home turf.Emotionally powerful nonsense.
Knight RiderUS 1982-198684 × 60mPI / Family★★★70%Stylish, high-tech private investigator.Bullet-proof talking car. 'Nuff said.
Knight RiderUS 2008-200918 × 60mPI / ???0%Reboot of 1980s classic.Can't possibly be very good.
L.A. LawUS 1986-1994171 × 60mLegal / Characters?0%Lives of staff of major law firm.I think I caught an episode once. Maybe.
Law & OrderUS 1990-2010456 × 60mDT/Legal Procedural★★★★★80%Police investigate & DAs prosecute.Truly a classic! The core of the genre.
L&O: Criminal IntentUS 1998-2011195 × 60mDT / Procedural★★★★90%DTs study why criminals do it.Most intellectual cop show ever.
L&O: Special Victims UnitUS 1999-Present328+ × 60mDT / Procedural★★★★90%Focuses on the travails of the victims.CI is the head, this is the heart.
L&O: Trial By JuryUS 2005-200613 × 60mLegal / Procedural★★★50%Puts juries in the spotlight.Cynical depiction of juries hard to watch.
L&O: Los AngelesUS 2010-201122 × 60mDT/Legal Procedural★★★★70%Does for CA what L&O did for NY.Excellent show! The contrast fascinates.
Law & Order: UKUK 2009-Present45+ × 60mDT/Legal Procedural★★★★50%L&O across the pond.Excellent, tho I have trouble with accent.
Lie to MeUS 2009-201148 × 60mDT / Character★★★★★100%"Human lie detector" gets the truth.One of my favorites.
LifeUS 2007-200932 × 60mZen DT Procedural★★★★100%Cop exonerated for murder, hits the beat.Weirdest cop show I've ever seen.
Life On MarsUK 2006-200716 × 60mCops / Time Travel?0%Modern cop wakes up in 1973.Reality-bending sounds interesting.
Life On MarsUS 2008-200917 × 60mCops / Time Travel?0%Modern cop wakes up in 1970s.Typical crappy US remake of UK show.
LutherUS 2010-Present15+ × 60mDT / Character?0%Dt. Luther's brilliance and violence conflict.Good head vs. heart setup.
MacGuyverUS 1985-1992139 × 60mAgent / Gimmick★★5%Secret agent uses science, not violence.Good show, lousy cop show.
MannixUS 1967-1975194 × 60mPI / Procedural?0%PI assisted by woman whose husband...(a cop) was murdered.
McCloudUS 1970-197775 × 60mDT / Character?0%Rural detective in te big city.Could be good. Donno.
McMillan & WifeUS 1971-197740 × 120mBrass / Character?0%Commissioner & kooky wife solve crimes.Interesting gimmick, but 2 hours each!?
Magnum, P.I.US 1980-1988156 × 60mPI / Character★★10%Ex-Navy PI in HawaiiSeems fine. I never got into it.
Major CrimesUS 2010-Present29 × 60mBrass / Character?10%Top-ranking homoicide detectives.The Closer without the title character.
MatlockUS 1986-1995182 × 60mLegal / Family★★★70%Grumpy old defense lawyer.Loved it when I was 12.
Matt HoustonUS 1982-198567 × 60mPI / Character?0%PIs and scantily clad women.Not particularly interested.
MediumUS 2005-2011130 × 60mConsult / Character5%Psychic consultant balances work/family.This is still on the air? Stupid, drags.
Medical InvestigationUS 2004-200520 × 60mMedical / Procedural★★★10%CDC investigates for public health.Like House, except without House.
The MentalistUS 2008-Present126+ × 60mConsult / Character★★★15%Conman psychic helps the FBI.Psych meets White Collar. I like it.
Miami ViceUS 1984-1990111 × 60mVice / Character?0%Colorful Vice cops in Miami speedboats.Burn Notice meets Nash Bridges?
MillenniumUS 1996-200067 × 60mAgent / Supernatural★★5%Various weird murders herald the endtimes.Too dark and weird for the X-Files crowd.
Missing PersonsUS 1993-199519 × 120mPrecinct / Dramedy?0%Special unit finds missing people.Missing, rather than murdered, is a twist.
MonkUS 2002-2009125 × 60mConsult / Character★★★★100%OCD/Phobic consultant fails at life.Quirky, family-friendly, funny, weird.
Murder OneUS 1995-199741 × 60mLegal / Procedural?0%Each season is one case for defense lawyer.Interesting concept. Do I have patience?
Murder, She WroteUS 1984-1996265 × 60mConsult / Character★★★15%Murder follows teacher/mystery writer.Family friendly. Haven't seen in 15 years.
Nash BridgesUS 1996-2001122 × 60mDT / Character★★★★70%Smart alec + get-rich-quick schemer in SF.Sleek, stylish, and lots of fun.
NCISUS 2003-Present245+ × 60mAgent / Character★★★70%Obscure military investigative team.Gibbs is great. Weak on procedure.
NCIS: LAUS 2009-Present108+ × 60mAgent / Character★★★10%NCIS, but with more action.Seems pretty good. Great characters.
New AmpsterdamUS 20088 × 60mDT / Supernatural★★★★100%400 year old, immortal homicide detective.Cool concept, main character. Slow paced.
New York UndercoverUS 1994-199989 × 60mUC Procedural?0%Law & Order goes undercover.I like Dick Wolf, but I have doubts.
Night HeatCA 1985-198896 × 60mDT / ???0%Reporter tells detectives' storiesSounds pretty good.
NTSF:SD:SUV::US 2011-201339 × 15mAgent / Parody1%Cartoon Network / Adult Swim.Looks SO stupid.
NYPD BlueUS 1993-2005261 × 60mPrecinct / ???0%Day-to-day at Manhattan precinct.I have no particular expectations.
Numb3rsUS 2005-2010119 × 60mConsult / Procedural★★★80%FBI agent and math professor brothers.Good cop procedural & good math sense.
Paris Criminal InquiriesFR 2007-200820 × 60mDT / Procedural?0%Law & Order in Paris & FrenchInteresting concept. I'd need subtitles.
Perry MasonUS 1957-1966271 × 60mLegal / Procedural★★★★20%First lawyer show, follows defence lawyer.Black & white, but otherwise aged well.
PhillyUS 2001-200222 × 60mLegal / Character?0%Single mom defense atty. handles it all.Stars Kim Delaney of NYPD Blue.
PlayersUS 1997-199818 × 60mConsult / Procedural?0%Three scam artists help the FBI.From the makers of Law & Order.
Police WomanUS 1974-197891 × 60mDT / Character?0%Sexy Sgt. Suzanne "Pepper" Anderson.Oozes 70s from every pore.
Police StoryUS 1973-1977103 × 60mCops / Drama?0%Personal stories of various cops.New characters each episode.
The PracticeUS 1997-2004167 × 60mLegal / Procedural★★★★50%Defence lawyer pays bills, attempts ethics.Fantastic drama, moral & legal arguments.
The PretenderUS 1996-200086 × 60mPI / Character★★★80%Genius obsesses to help people.Cool concept, cool ideas, campy.
ProfilerUS 1996-200085 × 60mAgent / Procedural★★★20%Expert profiler proves her science works.Really, profiling is crap. Good show, tho.
The ProtectorUS 201113 × 60mDT / Character★★★95%Single mother, LA homicide detective.Lifetime does grit. Good characters.
Prime SuspectUK 1991-200615 × 90mDT / Procedural?0%Tough-as-nails female homicide detective.I should really watch this.
Prime SuspectUS 2011-201213 × 60mDT / Procedural★★★★★75%Tough-as-nails female homicide detective.Cops say realistic. My absolute favorite.
PsychUS 2006-Present111+ × 60mConsult / Character★★★70%Flaky but observant fake psychic.Silly fun, but not fantastic.
Quincy M.E.US 1976-1983148 × 60mME / Procedural?0%Are these deaths murder?Don't know anything about it.
RainesUS 20077 × 60mDT / Character Noir★★★100%Raines sees dead people. Psychic or nuts?Cool concept. Weak execution.
RebusUK 2000-200714 × 90mDT / ???0%British detective.I have no opinion.
ReGenesisUS 2004-200852 × 60mMedical / Procedural★★★5%CDC investigates for public health.Cool science, uninspired writing.
Remington SteeleUS 1982-198796 × 60mPI / Character★★★★5%Woman uses liar to break PI glass ceiling.Haven't seen much. Looks good, dated.
Reno 911!US 2003-200989 × 30mPrecinct / Parody5%Irreverent, incompetent Reno cops.Warning: So stupid it causes brain damage.
Ripper StreetUK 2012-201316 × 60mDT / Era Procedural?0%Investigation of Jack the Ripper.Interesting idea, people recommend it.
Rizzoli & IslesUS 2010-Present52+ × 60mDT & ME / Procedural★★★★85%ME & DT, girltalk and homicide.Smart writing. Intense and funny in turn.
The Rockford FilesUS 1974-1980122 × 60mPI / Character?0%Easy-going private investigator.K.
Rookie BlueCA 2010-Present52+ × 60mRookie Procedural?0%Canadian rookie cops try to learn.I'm told "Pure drama, no accuracy."
Scooby Doo, Where Are You?US 196934 × 30mPI / Characters★★★★85%Diverse friends solve mysteries together.Great for kids, fun. Defines formulaic.
A Pup Named Scooby DooUS 1988-199127 × 30mPI / Characters★★15%The Scooby gang as kids.Not bad, but dorky even for kids.
What's New, Scooby Doo?US 2002-200642 × 30mPI / Characters★★1%Scooby reboot #1.Worse art, writing than Mystery Inc.
Scooby Doo!   Mystery IncorporatedUS 2010-Present52+ × 30mPI / Characters★★★5%Scooby reboot #2. Detective agency.Seems smartly written and funny.
SherlockUK 2010-Present7+ × 90mPI / Characters★★★★★95%Modern revamp of classic characters.Bloody brilliant. Best I've seen from UK.
The ShieldUS 2002-200889 × 60mPrecinct / Drama?0%The rules bend when enforcing the law.Comes highly recommended, but meh.
Simon & SimonUS 1981-1995158 × 60mPIs / Character★★5%Two brothers are detectives.I don't remember it well, except I liked it.
SouthlandUS 2009-Present25 × 60mPrecinct / Drama?5%Documentary style, heavy dark drama.Seems great on paper. I can't get into it.
Starsky and HutchUS 1975-197989 × 60mDT / Character?0%Streetwise cops... with style!Known more for style than substance.
StandoffUS 2006-200718 × 60mHN / Procedural★★★★100%Pair of hostage negotiators date on and off.Intense! Drama strains plausibility.
Star CopsUK 19879 × 60mDT / Science Fiction?0%International Space Police Force, 2027.Cops in SPAAAACE!
SuitsUS 2011-Present38+ × 60mLegal / Character★★★★95%Corporate lawyer mentors skilled dropout.Fantastic writing, characters. Fun.
The SweeneyUK 1975-197853 × 60mDT / Character?0%Gritty detective goes to far.Basically, he's the British Dirty Hairy.
TaggartUK 1983-2010110 × 120mDT / Character?0%Horrific murders in Glascow, Scotland.Might be too dark for me.
TatortDE 1970-Present895+ × 90mDT / Cultural?0%German DTs expose cultural crime.Know for slow pacing. I'm interested.
The Thin Blue LineUK 1995-199614 × 30mPrecinct / Parody★★★★20%If Mr. Bean was a police inspector.Hilarious! Very much recommended.
Touching EvilUS 200412 × 60mDT / Character★★★★100%Psycho cop relates to/catches criminals.Every episode had a bizarre twist ending.
UnforgettableUS 2011-Present8 × 60mDT / Character?0%She's a detective with perfect recall.Looks pretty cool.
The UnusualsUS 200910 × 60mDT / Character?0%Dysfunctional NYPD precinct.They say it's like NYPD Blue.
Veronica MarsUS 2004-200764 × 60mPI / Character?0%Girl solves crimes in affluent town.K.
Waking the DeadUK 2000-201192 × 120mCold Case / Procedural?0%UK cold case squad investigates.A mix of gimmicks.
Walker, Texas RangerUS 1993-2001197 × 60mState / Character★★10%Texas state cop roundhouse kicks crime.Chuck Norris counted to infinity. Twice.
Warehouse 13US 2009-201358 × 60mAgent / Paranormal?10%USSS agents keep magic artifacts secret.Aired on SyFy.
White CollarUS 2009-Present47 × 60mConsult / Characters★★★★90%Can FBI trust conman turned consultant?Like the movie Catch Me If You Can.
The WireUS 2002-200860 × 60mDT/Criminal Procedural?0%Dual POV, cops and criminals.People say it's the best ever.
Wire in the BloodUK 2002-200831 × 60mConsult / Character★★★10%Psychologist tracks gruesome serial killers.Sometimes too gruesome. Hard and slow.
The X-FilesUS 1993-2002201 × 60mAgents / Supernatural★★★★85%Two FBI agents take supernatural cases.The supernatural investigation show.

Anything with superheros is excluded. That includes superheros without powers, like Batman, Iron Man, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They belong on a different list.

102 shows.   •   77% rated, averaging 3.2 stars.   •   total runtime.   •   I've seen
1.0% of shows are 15m long   •   11% are 30m   •   84% are 60m   •   3% are 90m   •   1% are 120m.
95% come from the USA.
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